Dia de Los Muertos: Folklorico Style

by Samantha Geris on October 14, 2021

’Tis the season of pumpkins, Coco, and our Folkicks-favorite holiday… Día de Los Muertos! 

All year round, we pour our efforts into celebrating Folklórico and maintaining the traditions that our Mexican ancestors have created. We study what they did, how they did it, and perfect their craft to the best of our ability. 

Now it’s the time of year to look back at history and celebrate the very people who allow us to enjoy the art that we love so much. This year, Día de Los Muertos begins on Monday at midnight, November 1st, and ends on Tuesday, November 2nd. 

We can take this time to remember the creator of Folklórico as we know it, Amalia Hernández. She founded Mexican Folkloric Ballet in 1952, and since then, thousands of choreographers and dancers have drawn inspiration from her to create their own art. 

We can also take this time to celebrate the lives of our loved ones who’ve passed and helped us become the people we are today. We get to dance our hearts out thanks to our communities and the sacrifices made by those who came before us. So, what better way to celebrate than gathering with our communities and honoring those that have passed! 

Down below we’ve detailed some awesome Folklórico-filled events taking place for Dia de Los Muertos this year, but don’t forget to check out to make sure you have the best dance-wear for the occasion! 

Stocked up just in time for the festivities, we’ve got beautifully-fitted skirts to give you that signature silhouette when you twirl—not to mention they come in the perfect colors for Dia de Los Muertos. 

Take a peek at our Orange Double Circle Skirt, it’s the same shade as the marigolds used to guide spirits visiting their altars! 

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Where to get some Folklórico action for Día de Los Muertos in the LA area:

October 28th: Ofrenda, A Dia de Los Muertos Celebration - $35


This Ofrenda event will feature the Ballet Folklórico de Los Angeles group along with the Mariachi Garibaldi de Jaime Cuellar in a traditional yet dazzling joint performance at the Muckenthaler Cultural Center in Fullerton, California. Word on the street is that the combination of these prodigious groups will be legendary and massive. The celebration will take place outdoors on Thursday, October 28th at 7:30pm. Tickets are $35 a person; students and Muckenthaler members have the opportunity to purchase tickets at a discounted rate.


October 30th: Hollywood Forever Día de Los Muertos 2021 - $40


For the 22nd year in a row, local families will build over 100 altars to honor loved ones for Día de Los Muertos, and attendees are invited to join in on the celebration by wearing Skull costumes. The event is set to take place at the Hollwood Forever Cemetery, where you’ll experience traditional Mexican food, decorations, and, of course, Folklórico performances! The more specific details of the event (including pricing and time) have yet to be announced, but stay tuned to attend this magical celebration. 


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