Folklorico Shoes: Simplified

by Samantha Geris on October 06, 2021

While Folklorico might be known as “Mexican Folk Dancing,” there are so many different regions within Mexico that follow varying traditions and styles… and here at Folkicks, our favorite variation is in the shoes! 

We think it’s worth celebrating the different influences and traditions of all Folklorico dances - which is why we offer different style zapatos [shoes], ranging from traditional folklorico shoes to botines, all the way to flamenco style shoes. At the same time, we believe it’s just as important to understand the differences between the shoes we offer. 

The Basics:

All Folklorico shoes should have nails on the bottom of toe and heel - the nails are crucial to Folklorico dance because they make sound as the dancer presses on either their toes or their heels, making the dance steps a part of the musical experience! While the nails might seem intimidating at first, there’s no need for concern, dancers don’t actually feel the nails in their shoes. Folklorico shoes also come with rubber-striped soles to prevent dancers from slipping while dancing with nails on their shoes! 

Another classic element to Folklorico shoes are the leather uppers--meaning that the top part of the shoe, where the dancer’s foot rests, is made of leather. This is very important for Folklorico dancers because years of tradition and experience proves that leather is the most comfortable and durable material for a dancer’s feet. 

Pro-tip: Try wearing your new shoes without socks - the sweat  from your feet will mold the shoe into the absolute perfect fit for you!

The Nitty-Gritty:

The biggest technical difference between traditional Folklorico shoes is the heel height--the rest comes down to style. Check out some comparisons below to see which would be the best shoe for you, and don’t forget to browse through our whole collection at!

First up, the Colonial 325 Kids Folklorico Dance Shoes, featuring 1” heels--the lowest heel available to give young dancers the most stability while learning complex steps! 

Colonial 325 Folklorico Dance Shoes

For adults, we have the Colonial 226 Women's Folklorico Dance Shoes, featuring 2” heels and a hand stitched Oaxacan Flower design. 


Colonial 226 Oaxaca embordado flor

Next up, we’ve got the Danzarteb Women’s Dance Shoes, featuring the highest heel we offer at 7cm (approx. 2.7”). While dancers may be tempted to pick the higher heel, we should note that this is for the experienced dancer, who may also enjoy dancing Flamenco!

Danzarteb black flamenco dance shoes

Now, remember, there are so many different variations of Folklorico shoes--so it is our pleasure to introduce you to the Colonial 129 Women’s Folklorico Adelita Dance Boots, featuring 2” heels with a front lace and side zipper. If you ever plan to perform in Jalisco, you already know that Adelita boots are a must-have!  

Folklorico adelita boot

Be sure to check out all of the shoes available at, where you’ll find the highest quality Folklorico shoes for kids, women, and men!

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