Where do Folkicks Come From?

by Samantha Geris on September 22, 2021

So, you’re looking for dance shoes—not just any dance shoes, but Folklorico dance shoes. You might even know which brands you like, but when you search online, all you find are sketchy and outdated websites that you don’t really trust. On top of that, any shoes you do find take about 3-4 weeks to ship out from Mexico.

Folkicks was born out of the frustration that came with trying to find footwear that was made specifically for the demands of Folklorico dancers. We value your time and business, so we do everything we can to ensure the best experience for you! This means offering footwear made to last, quick deliveries, free shipping and returns, and top tier customer service to help you along the way. 

Here at Folkicks, we are very picky about which brands we include on our site; to give you an idea, here’s some of what we look for in shoe manufacturers:


Being a dancer himself, CEO and founder of Folkicks, Rafael Valero, understands just how important the quality of dance shoes is during long rehearsals and hard-earned performances. That’s why Folkicks only offers footwear made from quality materials that can stand the test of time. All shoes are handmade from real leather, an anti-slip rubber, and the perfect amount of nails on the heel and toe to create the best dancing experience. 


At Folkicks, we value the traditions and community that comes with Folklorico just as much as the art, and we expect the same of the brands that we work with. When looking for brands to include on the Folkicks site, Rafael made sure that each had ties to Folklorico. He’s found that many generic brands can also sell Folklorico shoes, but they don’t understand the needs of Folklorico dancers, so they design shoes that are uncomfortable or fall apart quickly. One of Rafael’s favorite brands, Miguelito’s, was founded in Mexico City and has been making traditional Folklorico footwear for the cultural groups within Mexico City for over 70 years. 


While we will not sacrifice quality when it comes to dancing, we want to make sure that the brands we feature can provide a good quality shoe that's affordable for those who are just starting their dancing journey, while also providing high quality products for those who practice and perform more often. 

Based on these attributes, Folkicks carries brands like Miguelito, Colonial, Loxana, and Tonantzin. We have also recently partnered up with Danzarteb, a company that specializes in Folklorico shoes and Hoja de Maiz, specializing in skirts and traditional dresses. We love these companies because they tailor their products exclusively to Folklorico dancers. They bring more color to our inventory, so we can offer dancers more options to reflect their style beyond the essential black and white dance shoes!

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