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Growing up out-of-touch with his Mexican roots, Rafael Valero—the founder of Folkicks—decided to embark on a journey to self-discovery through Mexican folklore dance, known as Folklórico. In 2009, Rafael began dancing with Grupo Folklorico Los Mejicas de UCSC (@losmejicas) and fell in love with the history, art, and dedication that Folklórico brought into his life. 

Folklórico can be described as traditional Mexican dances that emphasize local folk culture with ballet characteristics. You will generally find folk dances in the villages, not on stage—providing a sense of community along with entertainment. Each region in Mexico is known for a handful of local dances with unique characteristics.

Being a dancer himself, Rafael has had firsthand experience in struggling to find the right dance shoes. Many shoe stores made it difficult to find the right fit; be it through low quality materials, expensive shipping costs, and unhelpful customer service. 

In 2015, Rafael decided it was time to step in and make the world of Folklórico more accessible to other Chican@s like him by starting his company, Folkicks. After turning his bedroom into the company’s warehouse, Folkicks began gaining traction on Amazon, and eventually set up his own website at


folkicks rafael valero folklorico

Rafael Valero, founder and CEO of Folkicks, packing dance wear shipments out of his bedroom in 2018. 
Photo Source: Folkicks Instagram

On the Folkicks site, you will find all kinds of dance wear for all Folklórico dancers—from botines, adelita boots, Cubano heel style shoes, Flamenco style shoes, to traditional skirts, jewelry, and more! To get more technical, Folkicks carries Miguelito, Danzarteb, Colonial, Loxana, and Tonantzin dance shoes. 

Keeping his original struggles in mind, Rafael decided Folkicks would embrace everything other shoe stores didn’t, and this is why the company offers free shipping and returns on all orders. Folkicks also sources from the most reliable and reputable manufacturers in Mexico who specialize in Folklórico products. Rafael ensures that all Folklórico dance essentials are always in stock, and he is always available to provide the highest quality customer service for dancers trying to pick the perfect shoe. 

Folkicks’ purpose is to ensure that the Mexican tradition of Folklórico is carried with pride by providing dancers the best dance footwear and essentials.

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At Folkicks, our purpose is simple: to help folklorico dancers achieve their goals. Seven years ago, we started as a small online retailer that only sold one brand and style of shoes to local folklorico dance studios. Today, we still sell shoes — as well as boots, skirts, earrings and more. As dancers, we understand the needs of our fellow dancers, this is why we are dedicated to provide our customers with the best products and customer experience.

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